Cursor Computer Education Series

Cursor™, a K-8 computer education series, is a courseware blending technology lessons that include engaging computer activities for children of all ages. It comes with detailed computer lesson plans and resources to teach the students. The computer series includes a teacher guide for curriculum planning, student book with data files to promote independence, and learning resources to reinforce learning.

Student Book

A handy and practical oriented book for the students containing relevant applications and software content with objective approach towards theory and comprehensive approach towards practical activities.

Data Files

A folder of book-wise data or exercise files required to complete the practical exercises, assignments and final case studies. These data files could be downloaded from the resource central website.

Teacher Handbook

A handbook for teachers containing lesson plans with number of periods allocated, learning objectives to be achieved, answer keys to theory activities, projects & keyboard shortcuts chart.

Review Quiz

Classroom assessments allows the teachers to quickly revise the concept and features. Self-assessments allows the students to reinforce and solidifies the concept and features. It helps to gauge the standpoint in terms of understanding and knowledge.

Interactive Activity

Interactive exercises using smartboard, projector or computer help in retention abilities. It creates base for visual learning where students' interaction through visual medium solidifies their grasping abilities.

Video Tutorial

The pool of video tutorials supplements the learning experience of the students. These tutorials could be accessed from the resource central website whenever you want to have a quick recap of the core concepts and features learnt.

Table of Content (Book KG to 8)